About Us

We are an online marketplace established on October 21st, 2020 in London, UK because today's marketplaces have made selling and shopping too expensive. Well, at least that's what our founders thought. So, they decided it was time to create a smarter global marketplace, one that doesn't overcharge sellers just because they want to sell their products online.

One that extends its middle finger to conventional truths while also pointing out where big marketplaces is letting sellers and buyers down.

The idea was simple – create an affordable Marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

One that extends its middle finger to conventional truths while also pointing out where big Marketplaces are letting people down. We aim to remove the technical expertise needed to build a profitable online business, making the joys of entrepreneurship accessible for all.

Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive ecommerce platform to allow both buyers and sellers to connect and promote their products world-wide.

Some of our most popular tools include:

  • Bulk inventory import/sync system
  • Multi-item editing capabilities
  • Set up coupons & vouchers for specific products or all products
  • Unlimited listings as auctions or products (buy out only)
  • Seller & Buyer reputation system
  • Private messaging communication between buyer and seller
  • Sellers can pose questions directly to iBuY+Sell admins and receive immediate help
  • Advertising campaigns
  • And much more

So, what does it mean to be a smarter Marketplace? Well, it starts by building the Marketplace we would want to use ourselves.


    That's right. iBuY+Sell takes a flat 5% final value fee after you make a sale. On €100 sale, our fee is €5. Beat that everyone else!

    Are you a student, small/big business, a grandma knitting sweaters by the window? We want you to sell your products at TradePongo.

    You can list just 1 or 1 million products for sale at iBuY+Sell, we won't charge you for the listing. You can list as products with fixed price or auctions. It's your choice.
  • NO BS

    We don’t nickel and dime you, no hidden or imaginary fees. It's a flat 5% up to €12,000 sale and flat €600 fee above €12,000.

    It's a simple math. Because of our very low final value fee of 5%, sellers can lower their product price, make their product more attractive and still net more profits than other marketplaces who charge 7-10 times more in fees. Buyers get to save money. It's a Win-Win.

    At iBuY+Sell you can open a professional store front for the monthly cost of a cup of coffee. You can have your own logo, make coupons, create your own categories, shipping policies etc.

Promotional Tools

We take all the hassle out of building an ecommerce website! All your items are automatically shared to all major search engines!
Share your items to social media and build a loyal following.

How it works

Low Cost

Tired of perpetual high seller fees of 10-25%?
Our final sales value fee is flat 5%. No hidden fees! With us you literally get to keep your money. Transactions go through PayPal.
Free unlimited listings in over 36,000 categories!

Compare us with eBay

Customized Store

Sell as individual or open a store front
Upload your own business logo.
List as Auctions or Fixed Price.
Import your eBay listings in seconds.
Bulk upload, track shipments, create coupons...